Case Study: Musiak Safety

Website Redesign and Custom Training Application

Problem Domain

Website Design • Mobile and Responsive • Custom Web App • Education Platform • PDF Generation • Automated Emails

Technologies Used

Django/Python • MySQL • Zurb Foundation • Wkhtmltopdf • Ubuntu Server

Website Design

Musiak Safety LogoWe started by designing a new logo, incorporating the original color scheme and general feel of the old Musiak Safety Consultants brand, while at the same time looking sleek and modern. 

Then we used Zurb Foundation to rapidly develop a great looking, mobile-friendly, and responsive website. This helped attain better rankings in Google search. Beforehand, searching for "musiak safety" led to unrelated results and worse–links to competitors, but now searching for "musiak safety" immediately shows our client's website at the top.

Musiak Safety Google Search Listings

Training Application

Next we developed an online training application and integrated it with the website. We used Django/Python and MySQL to build advanced functionality at an incredible value. The training application allows our client to upload courses, training videos, and test questions. He also manages companies, truckers/students, and their assignments via the web application.

Mike Musiak Online Safety Training and Certification AppBy operating an online training and certification system, Musiak Safety has expanded into new business markets that would have been impractical or geographically too far to reach beforehand.

Musiak Safety has expanded into new business markets.

And by fully automating the certification system, which periodically sends out PDF certificates of completion, we've saved our client precious hours every week.

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